Oklahoma State has options for season opener

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Oklahoma State has options for season opener
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It's high noon... Oklahoma State planning looking at options to replace Oregon State: The Oklahoman talked to Associate AD Chad Weiberg about what OSU will do now that the Pac-12 had cancelled non-conference play leading to their opener against Oregon State to be cancelled. "We have options out there, because of the other cancellations that have happened," Weiberg said. "If you lost a game for some reason in a normal year, that would be much more complicated. But the fact that there's multiple schools that have lost games Joe Nelson Jersey, it becomes about finding the options that make the most sense in terms of fitting. But they're out there."We feel good about our chances of being able to get that done. I think at this point, it's more of a timing thing."BYU is one of the obvious choices on the board. The Cougars lost five opponents because of the Big Ten and Pac-12 decisions, including the opener against Utah."BYU is actively working on a variety of scheduling alternatives," associate athletic director Duff Tittle told the Salt Lake Tribune this week. Oklahoman Interview with John Paul Richardson: KPRC out of Houston caught up with one of Oklahoma State's newest commit John Paul Richardson.Caught up with John Paul Richardson (and his dad Bucky (today The Ridge Point WR (commited to Happy Birthday Barry Sanders!: Oklahoma State legend Barry Sanders turns 52 today! Take a look back at his career with the Tulsa World. Looking back at Sinor4Heisman: ESPN did a list looking at back at some of the best Heisman campaign websites still active. Being featured? Oklahoma State's own Zach Sinor Jaques Wilson Jersey. There's also a dancing baby and a picture of Sinor with a dolphin and the caption, "Animals love him!"His site also features a series of videos from Zach TV, which show Sinor's tireless attempts to get his campaignwait for itoff the ground.Not bad for a project that took place during the plane trip to Big 12 media days in July 2017."They had this software on this laptop that I messed around with and put some things here and there and worked on the website," Sinor said. "Whenever we landed in Dallas, we tweeted it out, and that's how it kind of started. After that day, I really didn't mess with it or even look at it Mike Petty Jersey."